E-Learning for CIPS Qualifications

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E-Learning courses - CIPS Qualifications and Procurement & Supply competencies

Every year an increasing number of students take to their computers/smartphones and access education through online or e-learning. distance learning programme. COVID 19 just accelerated the pace of adaptation.

At Advance SCS, we want to help you stay competitive in today’s career environment, that’s why we offer our candidates access to e-learning for CIPS Qualifications and short-term courses in Procurement and Supply competencies.

E-Learning courses provides most comprehensive, interactive & flexible learning experience. Our e-learning courses are cost effective and a convenient way for students to prepare for their CIPS qualifications. They are also useful for companies to train their staff to increase the skills and competencies in a digital platform.

Get Ahead of the competition. Choose from our wide range of e-learning courses.

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